Project Financing

The proper projects can propel a small business to new heights or help a larger company maintain its current profits and value. At Elerock we have access to lenders that can finance large projects of virtually any amount. We provide financing for projects that would otherwise be unavailable through traditional lending sources like banks. 

Our experts take the time to properly structure the right project financing even for some of the most complex projects. We create solutions for your unique circumstances based on assets, experience, project projections, and any unique attributes of the project. Whether your project is $1 million or $100 million, we have the sources to properly structure and fund your deal. 

We offer the following financing:

  • Debt Financing

  • Venture Capital

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Equity Financing

  • Energy Financing

Contact us to get more information about how we can apply our funding sources to get your project financing planned and help get your business the money it needs to help increase its growth.